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Parents work hard to give their kids the best possible start in life. But after a decade of Conservative government, Canadian families are paying more than ever for childcare: $1000 a month on average – and that’s if they can find a space.

Stephen Harper promised to create 125,000 new childcare spaces, but he’s failed to deliver any. And even with 12 years in office, the Liberals still didn’t get the job done.

The NDP has a plan to ensure there’s a space for every child by:

  • Creating or maintaining a million quality childcare spaces.
  • Keeping costs for parents at no more than $15 a day.
  • Working with provinces, territories and indigenous communities to deliver quality early childhood education Canada-wide.

When Tom Mulcair announced this plan in 2014, Erin Weir explained what it means for our province at the Cathedral Area Co-operative Daycare:

“We’re talking about a doubling of the number of child-care spaces in Saskatchewan,” said NDP Regina-Lewvan candidate Erin Weir.

Right now, there are 14,000 spaces throughout the province. With the investment the NDP has planned, Weir says there would be 28,000 spaces after four years.

“When I knock on doors across Regina-Lewvan parents often express frustration about the fact that quality child care simply isn’t available,” said Weir.

- Source: CJME; Weir also appeared on the front page of The Leader-Post

Mulcair also visited Regina’s Child Care Centre Co-op earlier this year to advance his plan.

 Federal NDP leader Tom Mulcair (middle) with Regina–Qu’Appelle candidate Nial Kuyek (left) and Regina–Lewvan candidate Erin Weir (right). 

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